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Charges and Remissions

We believe that well planned educational visits and journeys are of great value to your children.

The 1988 Education Act states very specific guidelines on charges for visits, wilful damage and photocopying. The following is therefore, the schools and the City of Derby’s policy on charges and remissions.


Day visits within or mainly within school hours:

The school will notify parents of the cost of the activity and invite voluntary contributions. No child will be excluded from such visits because of parents’ inability to pay.

However, the school does reserve the right to cancel visits if there is insufficient support, as
school funds cannot pay for all these events.


Ingredients\Materials for practical activities:

To help school finances parents may be asked to pay the cost of materials where the finished product is to be kept by the pupil.

No child will be disadvantaged because of the parents’ inability to pay and, therefore, children will be able to participate in these activities.



The charges and remissions policy agreed by the Governors also allows for the cost of copies of certain documents, which may be requested, to be paid for by the person making the request.